Sons of God -

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Sons of God

 C       a    d             G7
Sons of god, hear his holy word!
 C      a         d            G7
Gather round the table of the lord.
C        a      d        G7
Eat his body, drink his blood.
C         a      d       G7
And well sing a song of love:
     C       a       d        G7
Allelu- allelu- allelu- alleluja!

1. Brothers, sisters, we are one
and our life has just begun.
in the spirit we are young
we can live forever.

2. Shout together to the lord
who has promised our reward
happiness a hundredford
and well live forever.

3. Jesus gave a new command
that we love our fellow man
till we reach the promised land
were well live forever.

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